¥800,000 Yearly Salary for Infiberone Marketing Director, Are You Ready?

¥800,000 Yearly Salary plus stock dividend for Infiberone Marketing Director-- the vacant position, at the meantime is the future leader and partner project.

Marketing Director wanted by Shenzhen Infiberone Technology Co,.Ltd.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Organize works of Marketing department and Sales department. Responsible for strategy analysis, strategic positioning, business structure, and implementary plan, etc.;
2. Dominate the marketing system of multiple product lines. Develop global markets to achieve target share, realize brand construction goal; draw up and supervise the implementation effect of product and brand promotion plan, responsible for the total performance;
3. Formulate customer rating standard, and systematic marketing strategy for different customers, direct and supervise the effects of strategy implement;
4. Preside over the major marketing contracts negotiation and signing;
5. Responsible for overall business planning and schemes implement;
6. According to the latent demands in target market, making work plans to develop prospective customers;
7. Draft annual market plans, including marketing plan, advertising, promotion and public relationship development program, as well as regularly evaluate the execution effects;
8. Keep close communication and coordination with other departments, assure the goals put into practice;
9. Conduct Performance Appraisal to subordinates;
10. Organize professional quality training for new staff on marketing and sales departments;
11. Accomplish other tasks assigned by superior.


1. Master of Marketing, Finance, International Trading, Accounting, Computing, Communication or relevant majors preferred;
2. Good foreign language level and international trade knowledge, work or study experience abroad, fluent in spoken, reading and written English;
3. At least 8 years sales experience, has favorable channel resource, familiar with optical communication or optical devices, work experience in related industry preferred;
4. Strong work ethic, excellent team and marketing management.

RMB800,000 Yearly Salary (¥500,000 basic wage+¥300,000 goal attainment bonus) + Stock Dividend

Work place:
17F, Zhongtai Nanshan Zhujue Building, 4269 Dongbin Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.

If you are interested and fit in the position, please send your resume to sales@infiberone.com

Thank you!