Infiberone exhibits at ECOC with 100G CFP4-SR4 QSFP28-LR4 & Industrial-grade CCWDM

Abstract: Infiberone, global optical interconnect technology innovator, will exhibit at ECOC 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany (2016.09.19 - 21), with new products such as 100G CFP4-SR4/QSFP28-LR4 and Industrial-grade CCWDM applied in 5G communication.

Infiberone new-launched 100G QSFP28 LR4 and CFP4 SR4 high-speed transceivers can be used in 100G Ethernet, data centers and cloud networks. Infiberone will also exhibit 100G CFP to QSFP28 Adapter, that can realize the bi-directional conversion between 100G QSFP28 interface and 100G CFP interface on client side.

100G QSFP28 LR4:

power consumption <3.5W;

transmission distance up to 10km on SMF;

compliant to IEEE802.3ba 100GBASE-LR4 protocol & QSFP+ MSA standard.

100G CFP4 SR4:

power consumption <2.5W;

4 channels of VCSEL optical signals;

supports up to 112.2Gb/s aggregate bit rate;

up to 70m on OM3 and 100m OM4 MMF transmission;

compliant to IEEE802.3bm 100GBASE-SR4 protocol & CFP4 MSA standard.

100G CFP to 100G QSFP28 Adapter:

maximum power consumption <4W;

supports FEC (Forward Error Correction) and DDM (Digital Diagnosis Monitor) function;

compliant to IEEE802.3ba 100GBASE-LR4 & IEEE 802.3bm 100GBASE-SR4 protocol.

We will also see more of Infiberone new products at ECOC 2016, such as  12/18-CH CCWDM. For its advantages including low insertion loss ( IL≤2.0dB @12-ch, ≤2.5dB @18-ch), high isolation (≥45dB), and industrial-grade temperature range (-40~85℃), it can be widely used in 5G communication network.

Welcome to Infiberone booth for more products information and to discuss with our marketer and sales about your    application demands.

Exhibition time: 19 - 21 September, 2016

Address: CCD Congress Center, Düsseldorf, Germany

Infiberone booth: 701

Skype: live:account_2663
Business Inquiry: sales@infiberone.com
Head office: 17 floor, 4269 Dongbin Rd., Shekou District, Shenzhen, China