Generic Reliability Assurance Requirements for Passive Optical Components


Passive optical components help eliminate many bottlenecks of conventional communications systems. Replacing active components with passive components provides a significant cost savings by eliminating the need to power and service active components in the
transmission loop.

GR-1221, Issue 3, presents the i-fiberone view of proposed generic reliability assurance requirements for passive optical components, and is directed toward an equipment supplier's design engineering, manufacturing, procurement, and reliability/quality organizations.
Common forms of passive fiber optic branching components include splitters, couplers, and wavelength division multiplexers (WDM-MUXES)and demultiplexers (WDM-DEMUXES).

The new issue of GR-1221 contains updated generic and reliability assurance requirements for passive optical components, and now has added value for system developers and component manufacturers.

Updates include:
Requirements for the efficient and cost-effective operation of components in various environmental conditions such as salt and fog, water immersion, and exposure to airborne contaminants Requirements for specific packaging and shipping tests Aligns with general industry specifications for system developers Aligns with critical NEBS requirements developed since the last issue of GR-1221 Fully aligned vibration and impact requirements to simplify testing Used with GR-1209, Issue 4, Generic Requirements for Passive Optical Components, these documents assure that optical devices function satisfactorily for long periods under adverse environmental conditions.