MPO and MTP Fiber Optical Cassette Module Solution

With the trend of high-density cabling and the coming of 40/100G network, MPO and MTP assemblies play a more and more important role in fiber optic network. As one of the commonly used assemblies, the MPO and MTP cassette module, which is designed with LGX format can be mounted in 1U 19″ multi-slot chassis or 4U rack chassis, greatly meeting the demands for high density. Additionally, used to interconnect MPO and MTP backbones with LC, SC or FC patch cords etc., it is an ideal solution for network migration.

Components & Design
In general, MPO and MTP cassette module is an LGX format enclosed unit that contains 12 or 24-fiber factory terminated fan-outs inside. The fan-outs typically include such as SC, LC, ST-style connectors plugged into adapters on the front side of the cassette and a MPO and MTP connector plugged into a MPO and MTP adapter mounted at the rear of the cassette, as the following picture shown:

nside the cassette, alignment pins are pre-installed in the inside MPO and MTP connector which precisely align the mating fibers in the MPO and MTP connectors at either end of the array cables that plug into the cassettes. Furthermore, one or more MPO and MTP fan-out assemblies may be installed inside the cassette to connect up to more than 144 ports.
With this design, the MPO and MTP cassette module can transfer the multi-core fiber terminated with a MPO and MTP connector to the more common LC or SC interface used on the transceiver terminal equipment.

Cassette Types
A variety of mounting options are available to mount the MPO and MTP cassette module in a rack or on a wall that results in different types of the cassette in the market. In general, there are standard shape type and irregular shape type. The former refers to the standard LGX format which is commonly used in practical applications, as the following picture (left) shown. While the latter is irregular which contains various of shapes, as shown in the following picture (right).