The Handiest Pre-terminated Fiber Cabling Assemblies in Data Center

It usually takes a lot of time and labor to deploy data center, especially in the fiber cabling and termination. And to a large degree, the data center depends more on the high density cabling, resulting in more time and cost in the fiber cabling and termination of data center if using the traditional field termination methods. Meanwhile, with the fiber network more complex, the data center cabling is also more difficult. Besides, the risks about faults caused by manual fiber termination will be also increased. To deal with these problems and to meet the requirements for high density of the data center, pre-terminated fiber wiring are introduced to data center.

By using traditional termination methods, the deployment of a data center might need a few days or more. And engineers have to terminate a lot of fiber optic links and connect them to the right ports. To guarantee the qualification rate of fiber optic links/splicing joints, a series of tests should be done. However, pre-terminated fiber cable assemblies, using modules and cables with the plug-and-play design, are very beneficial in many aspects, such as :
1.Able to largely improve the working efficiency.
2.Increasing cabling density and decrease the total installation cost.
3.Compared with traditional terminated fiber optic cables, the factories terminated fiber cable assemblies are able to eliminate the need for fiber optic splicing and provide higher performance.

The Handiest One
Among the pre-terminated fiber optic cabling assemblies, MTP/MPO fiber cable assemblies are the most popular one, frequently used in 40G/100G cabling applications with high density. MTP/MPO fiber cable assemblies includes MTP/MPO trunk cableMTP/MPO harness cable and MTP/MPO cassette, which are able to be directly connected to fiber optic network for data transmission. To some degree, making a good use of these fiber optic components can largely improve the cabling density and working efficiency in data centers.

In general, the pre-terminated fiber cabling is helpful to improve the flexibility and scalability, to reduce costs and error rate, and to accelerate the deployment of data center. Therefore, among the pre-terminated fiber cabling solutions, MTP/MPO cabling system is the best choice for the 40G and 100G applications. If you want to know more details about it or have the needs for it, there is a good website for you: www.Infiberone.com

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